Van Nuys Jail

Van Nuys CA — At about 11am Thursday morning, 7-7-11, the Van Nuys Jail was shut down. It is now 2:42 pm and the jail is still no open. The reason we found out was due to a death inside the jail.

Van Nuys Jail
Van Nuys Jail

No information as of yet has been distributed about who died and why. But if you need to do business at the jail, don’t bother coming in today.

We spoke with a local Van Nuys Bail Bonds company and they said that early this morning when they were making calls to bail defendants out of the local Van Nuys jail, the deputies there said, “Call back, the jail is closed for now.”

According the the Van Nuys Bail Bonds company, they are still able to visit the jail and post bail. But no one else is allowed in, including visitors.

Inmates are also allowed to proceed with calling out and touching base with friends, families, or other to see about getting bailed out. Other than these proceedings, no one else is going in or out.

Stay tuned to Van Nuys News Press for more information.

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