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WEST MIDLANDS, U.K. — Coventry has been named the UK’s city of culture for 2021 and this is a great reason to shine the spotlight on this fascinating city and the area of Warwickshire.  Just an hour or so from Northern London, this area is filled with history and culture dating back thousands of years.

  1. Warwick Castle

Immerse yourself in a thousand years worth of history, where ancient myths and spell binding tales will set your imagination alight.


With tons to see and do, and set in some of the UK’s most splendid grounds, Warwick Castle will send shivers down your spine and electrify your senses.


  1. Coventry Cathedral

Designed by Sir Basil Spence and voted the nation’s favourite 20th century building, Coventry Cathedral, which celebrated it’s Golden Jubilee in 2012, is a fascinating mix of the old and new. An icon of hope, the Cathedral is recognised internationally as a World Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

  1. Coventry Transport Museum

The museum is home to the world’s largest collection of British road transport. Discover the stories behind the people who made Coventry the centre of the world’s motor and cycle industries, and get up close and personal with the vehicles that defined some of history’s most important moments.

  1. The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery

An award winning venue that houses eight permanent and four temporary gallery showing international touring exhibitions.

  1. St Mary’s Guild Hall

Discover more than six hundred years worth of history at the heart of the city, in one of Coventry’s most remarkable survivors of the medieval age. Arguably the finest medieval guildhall in the country with original artworks, armour, period furniture and ancient tapestries housed within magnificent historic interiors.

  1. Holy Trinity Church

The story goes back nearly 1000 years in this church that has survived fire, reformation and the blitz. It houses many rare artefacts, perhaps the most exceptional being the famous medieval Doom Painting illustrating the Last Judgement.

  1. The Webb Ellis Rugby Football Museum

The museum is housed in the original building where James Gilbert, boot and shoemaker made the first rugby footballs in 1842. This tradition still continues today, giving it the accolade of having the longest continuous association with the game of rugby in the world.

  1. Stoneleigh Abbey

Stoneleigh Abbey sits in 690 acres of parkland, and it has undergone many changes since it was established in 1154. Jane Austen found the house and its family intriguing, and Prince Charles marked the completion of its restoration by making a special visit.

  1. Shakespeare Houses

The five houses offer a multi-layered experience for visitors unlike any other, giving people from all over the world the opportunity to learn about the life of the world’s greatest playwright, discover his work and experience a real sense of the times that influenced Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon.

  1. British Motor Museum 

The musem is the home of the world’s greatest collection of British cars. Discover the history of British motoring with the museum’s exciting cars from the past century. Learn how a motor car really works with the interactive exhibits.

  1. Lord Leycester Hospital

The venue is an historic group of timber framed buildings, mainly from the 14th century clustered round the Norman gateway into Warwick with its 12th century Chantry Chapel above.

  1. Kenilworth Castle The vast medieval fortress of Kenilworth Castle is one of the largest historic visitor attractions in the West Midlands and one of the most spectacular castle ruins in England. The ruins are best known as the home of Robert Dudley, the great love of Queen Elizabeth I. Dudley created an ornate palace here to impress his beloved Queen in 1575.


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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Coventry but have no idea why because I knew absolutely nothing about it until reading this post. I think I was right in wanting to visit though because it sounds like an awesome city!

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