Quasar Yachts Galapagos

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, ECUADOR — Quasar Expeditions shows you the world in a way larger ships in Galapagos cannot… up-close. We explore the most fragile and remote visitor sites of theIslandswhere the larger ships can only dream of going, introducing you to sights, and Galapagos wildlife that many travelers never see. The result is a flexible, more personal experience that will entertain and enlighten you.

Quasar Yachts Galapagos
Quasar Yachts Galapagos

If this is the kind of adventure you are looking for, welcome aboard the Quasar Experience!

  1. A more private experience; true for all our expeditions, but especially true of our family or friends Galapagos charters. You get to enjoy the animal encounters without ever being “lost in the crowd”.
  2. Travel with a handful of like-minded fellow guests: Aboard our yachts you travel with a handful of guests (with a spirit of travel just like yours) instead of dozens of strangers.
  3. Sea Kayaking: Many of the larger ships in Galapagos do not offer this amazing activity where our guests can explore mangroves and shorelines that are home to some incredible creatures.
  4. Lots of Snorkeling: You will have the chance to go snorkeling at least once every day and as a small group you can enjoy playing with playful sea lions (view video) in a very intimate-setting without dozens of other snorkelers around.
  5. Expert Naturalist Guides: Because you are just 16 guests per naturalist guide, the interaction with your Galapagos expert is much more enriching.
  6. Flexibility: To unexpectedly explore Galapagos’ spontaneous natural encounters. As a small group we can focus our itinerary on the group’s favorite activities and do more snorkeling, more kayaking, longer or shorter walks, and much more!
  7. Fine Cuisine: Not mass-prepared, but prepared individually for all guests by our specially trained chefs, using the freshest local ingredients. Meals on our Galapagos cruises are served in either our interior dining rooms or our beautiful al-fresco dining areas where guests enjoy the great equatorial weather and wonderful scenery.
  8. Personalized Attention: Possible with a guest to crew member ratio of 2 to 1. Even your most exacting needs will be attended to!
  9. The Best Visitor Sites: The more fragile visitor sites of the archipelago, like the northernIslandofTower(or Genovesa) are off-limits to larger ships.
  10. Light Footprints: Yachts and small groups minimize our impact on the islands, thereby making our presence almost unfelt by the wildlife and plantlife of the islands.


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