Titi Monkey

AGOURA HILLS, CA — George Christopher Thomas, President of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council & Publisher of the Van Nuys News Press, has called on the Brazilian Government to set aside land and form a legally protected area for the Blond Titi monkey.
“There are only about 160 Blond Titi monkeys left in the entire world, making it one step away from extinction. Yet despite its “critically endangered” classification, there are currently no plans to preserve its habitat,” said George Christopher Thomas.

“Because of the widespread deforestation occurring throughout Brazil, the Titi monkey’s habitat gets smaller every year. Cattle ranching is also encroaching on the monkeys’ once lush jungles. And if that weren’t enough, the monkeys are also often hunted for their pelts or kidnapped to be used as pets in the wild,” said Thomas.

“We can’t let our negligence allow this beautiful animal to be lost forever. Please join me in asking Brazil’s President Dilma Vana Rousseff to form a legally protected area for the Blond Titi monkey!”

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