The Frog and the Princess

“So Much Fun! The Family Has To See “The Frog And The Princess!!”

Written By Lorenzo Marchessi
What a fresh, fun and heartfelt tale of an old classic. Writer and director Tosca Minotto did an amazing job of taking an old fairytale and making it musically charming and something the kids and the whole family will love! Not only do the characters interact with the kids but the audience gets to help them with chants, spells and even help our ‘good guys’ who are in trouble from an evil witch!

The Frog and the Princess
Jennifer Patterson (Mirror Amelia), Jenelle Russell (Ivy), Ryan Rowley (Freddie), Todd Andrew Ball (King Roland), Carl Garcia (Aerial Silk Artist), Samantha Claire (Raven), Luke Simon (Majordomo), Ross Petrarca (Humperdinck), Ashley Crosby (Reverend)

Currently playing at the Glendale Centre Theatre in Glendale, CA, “The Frog and The Princess” has some toe-tapping, charming music and lyrics that were cleverly written by Tiffany Labarbera Palmer, some snappy, hip-hopping style choreography by Paul Reid and some great technical lighting and sound surprises mixed by Nathan J. Milisavljevich!

Now for the magical cast! Leading the story, narrating the story and even helping the audience become involved is Freddie play with such warmth by Ryan Rowley. Freddie has some amazing dance moves and is best friends to Rory and in the end, they are proven to be true friends. Now Freddie has a secret love named Ivy played so warmly and nurturingly by Jenelle Russell. Ryan and Jenelle have such great on stage chemistry you can’t help but give a soft ‘awe’ out loud when they kiss!

Prince Rory is adorably played by Shea Taylor. Shea plays the nerdiest Prince you’ll ever see with kindest and sweetest sincerity you will feel, from a Frog, oops, I mean Prince of course. Now Freddie has fallen in love with his best friend of his whole life Princess Amelia who is played wonderfully by Thandi Tolmay, who has got the pushy, bossy and downright mean attitude down to a tee! Thandi gives a beautiful performance of the song “I Remember” where her and performer Jennifer Patterson do a wonderful dance ‘duet’ in mirror-like fashion you soon won’t forget!

You see its Princess Amelia’s birthday and her father King Roland, majestically played with the true loving sternness of what a real father should be by Todd Andrew Ball, is throwing her a party – three present minimum to attend! Todd eventually, as King, gets ‘taken’ over by the evil witch!

Now the Princess is mean because of a certain ‘hidden’ person who doubles as the Grand High Duchess Angelica who is masterfully and with sharp evilness played snarkyingly by Sandra Saad! The Duchess even has a sidekick named Raven. Raven is played with such charm, wit and fun by Samantha Claire. Sandra really showcases her ‘witchiness’ and vocal talents in her song “When I Am Queen” while Sandra is so tired of being her servant!

Now the Duchess wants the princes to marry her son the Duke who is being played as a wonderfully heartfelt simpleton by Ross Patrarca. The Duke and the Raven each speak of their own dreams in my favorite of the songs in the play “What I Wanted” and they sing it with such gusto!

Did I mention there are some acrobatic talents as given by a real Ariel Silk Artist played by Carl Garcia, a boisterous Majordomo who is played by Luke Simon and the somewhat confused Reverend being played by Ashly Crosbey? Well you will have plenty of surprises in this two-act play!

This cast is having so much fun and the songs will keep you smiling, laughing and you might get a little teary-eyed from the heartfelt happiness you willsee! Director Tosca Minotto should be proud of a wonderfully fun family piece she has created with her team and the laughs, spooks and cheers of her cast will bring to your family. Check them out at

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