Cliff's Edge in Maui

By George Christopher Thomas, Travel Writer

HAIKU, MAUI – As I write this article I am sitting by the pool on the cliff’s edge just after sunrise.  This property has one of the friendliest cats this side of the International Date Line, as well as views that will literally take your breath away.  If there was ever a place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, it would be exactly here.

I can hear the surf crashing up against the lava rocks and the beach, and it is incredibly soothing.  During the winter months you can lie in bed and hear the humpback whales breaching at night, as well as when they clear out their spouts.  Imagine waking up and forgetting for half a second where you are, then hearing the waves and whales in the background as you doze back to sleep.

The Cliff’s Edge Bed & Breakfast is located along the road to Hana in the town of Haiku.  It is a little tricky to find, so be sure to save the GPS coordinates and write down the address just to be on the safe side.  We arrived here at night, and it was waking up and seeing the view in the morning that absolutely floored me and my wife.  Sure we had seen pictures before we booked our stay, but nothing compares with seeing the panoramic view firsthand after a restful sleep.

The gentle ocean breezes are quite refreshing, and the saltwater pool on property is perfect for that early dip in the morning.  There are numerous laws and regulations on Bed & Breakfasts in Maui, including not being able to serve hot meals.  That turned out to be a non-factor in our choice to stay here, and I was quite looking forward to enjoying our continental breakfast by the pool on the cliff’s edge.

After a nice morning swim and two cups of Peruvian coffee, it was time for breakfast.  Having melons, papaya, kiwis and croissants by the poolside is definitely the way to start the day. The hospitality here is first class, and the accommodations are high end and very luxurious.

I would without a doubt stay at the Cliff’s Edge Bed & Breakfast again, and it is the perfect place if you are just arriving or heading out of Maui.  In all reality it is about 25 minutes from the airport, and about 9 miles away as the crow flies.  For this to be the first spot we stayed on our vacation was brilliant, and really got us in the spirit of aloha.  The next time you are in Maui, check out this spectacular property, and tell Jon the proprietor you read about it in the Van Nuys News Press.

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