Golf apparel that is for this generation of golfers.

Tattoo Golf was kind enough to send us a couple of shirts and hats to try out for their review. The first thing I noticed was that these shirts and hats are extremely well made. We got a chance to play golf on a hot spring day in California with their apparel on. The shirts kept you cool and the material was easy to swing the club in.  The hats were also made of very durable material that breathes in air to keep you fresh.

Tattoo Golf has inspired designs on high performance golf apparel, golf shirts, golf hats & top quality golf accessories featuring their world famous skull & crossclubs design!  They offer a full line of men’s and ladies golf clothes from golf shirts,  golf hats & golf accessories.  Their golf shirts are available in many different styles, fabrics and colors.  They are made from microfibre knit fabric that wicks perspiration away from the skin and keeps you looking and feeling cool!  The Tattoo Golf brand was created because there is a serious shortage in the golf apparel industry for clothing that actually reflects the style, fashion sense and attitude of today’s generation of golfer.

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