Madcapz: More Than Just A Baseball Cap

Carrie the inspirational woman, who brought you Madcapz, did so after finding out that she had Grave’s Disease. Part of Grave’s Disease is loss of your hair.  Thus began her search for a fun feminine baseball cap that she could enjoy wearing, would make her look great, and feel fabulous!

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If you love baseball caps, but want one that is feminine and fun, meet Madcapz. These colorful caps come with style and personality. Whether you’re going for a walk, running some errands, or just having a bad hair day, wearing Madcapz will make you feel fabulous! They are comfortable because of their low profile fit, designed just for women so the cap fits closer to your head than a regular baseball cap. The adjustable strap makes sizing easy and they are made 100% cotton fabric.

Women golfers love wearing Madcapz  golf hats and golf visors for a stylish look. These hats added to your collection of golf hats will make you stand out in the crowd!  (For more information on ordering these great hats go to

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