By George Christopher Thomas, Travel Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA – Once you begin planning that next trip to Europe, always consider the red eye out of LAX to London.  We took the 9:15pm flight out of Los Angeles which arrives in London just after 3:00pm England time.  This is absolutely perfect for getting your bags and going through customs, checking into your hotel then painting the town red.

We like to fly Virgin Atlantic non-stop, and it is definitely a time to catch up on your movies, have a few too many red wines, and fall asleep only to awake in London-town.

Over the years as a travel writer, I have been fortunate to visit London many times, and it never gets old.  When we fly into town, my lady and I find Knightsbridge the perfect part of London to go shopping and dine on fine delights.  On this most recent press trip to England we are staying at The Levin Hotel, just a stone’s throw from Harrods and Harvey Nichols.   Now in the shopping world of posh-ness and fancy, this section of London is the Rodeo Dive of the city.

The Levin Hotel is ideally located to explore London, Hyde Park is right around the corner, and is a great place to go for a morning walk or see the Queen’s Calvary Guard marching down the street.  Those horses are very well trained, and you could call the entire operation a class act, plus it is really fun to watch them solider by, making sounds of old as the hooves clack on the old London streets.   The Levin Hotel is also located right off the Piccadilly tube station, and after landing and gathering our things, it was just a short five minute walk to get to the property.  Definitely by all means, the next time you are in London, stay at The Levin Hotel and fly the Virgin Atlantic red eye out of LAX.  It is truly the way to kick off and start your European adventure.   (For more information on The Levin Hotel, please visit

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