Serious golfers know the best way to improve your game is to analyze video recordings of your swing. Currently, recording your swing is only practical on the driving range, but that is of limited value because golfers often swing better on the range than they do out on the course. Whether you are working on your game or just want to capture your favorite rounds, SwingShot has developed the Cyclops Pro™ to enable golfers to record their “real” swing from anywhere on the golf course including the rough, bunkers, fairways, and greens.

The Cyclops Pro™ is a lightweight and rugged “point & shoot” HD digital video camera mounted atop a 3-foot high plastic shaft with a stainless steel turf spike. The camera is specially designed to make it easy to record 60 fps|720p or 30 fps|1080p HD video and audio of your own swing – providing professional grade video to the average golfer.

The SwingShot camera was specifically designed to be stored right alongside your golf clubs. This enables golfers to easily grab the camera as they are selecting a club for each shot. Plant the camera’s turf spike in the grass ~12 feet behind (or beside) the ball and aim the arrow on top of the camera straight over the ball. Press the one and only button to activate the recording function, and proceed with your swing as usual. When finished with your shot, press the button to deactivate the camera, remove it from the grass, and drop it back in your bag with your golf club.The SwingShot camera is designed to function in normal golfing conditions such as rain, humidity, heat, cold, dirt, and sand, etc.

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It easy to download videos to your PC or Mac. It’s as simple as plugging it into your computer or IPad. From here you can watch or edit your videos on your computer/laptop. If downloaded on your IPad and you have Apple TV you can watch them on your television screen.

“This is the “next big thing” in golf technology” said Jeff Thomas, Golf Editor, Van Nuys News Press.


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