Swim With Dolphins

KONA, HAWAII — Come experience a morning swim with Sunlight On The Water and the Dolphins on the beautiful Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii! The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are year round residents so you can expect to see them whenever you are in Hawaii…

Dolphin Swim Image

Sunlight On Water, with Melainah, Michael and their exceptional staff, offer you the opportunity to have an experience that you will easily remember for the rest of your life – swimming with Dolphins that are wild and free in their natural habitat.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of being in the ocean with the Dolphins! You can see Dolphins on tv, can visit them in captivity, and you can even see them from a boat – but swimming with them in their natural ocean habitat is a unique and magical experience that can touch you in ways you might not be able to imagine.


We’ve been conducting Dolphin Swims longer and more successfully than any other Hawaiian Dolphin Swim eco-tour operator over 15 years! We have a 99% success rate in finding the Dolphins each day! Equally important is the context within which we offer our tours. Our philosophy is one of total respect for the Dolphins, all marine life and the ocean.

When Michael is the morning captain, your journey will start with a Hawaiian ceremony to greet the day, and then it’s off to the adventure of a lifetime – a morning swim with the Dolphins! Simply put, the experience is transformative, and it’s frankly impossible to fully articulate. Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent beings on the planet and being with them in their own habitat will amaze you. Imagine your excitement as we cruise out to where the Dolphins live and play.  (www.sunlightonwater.com)

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