SAN FRANCISCO, CA — There is nothing more relaxing and calming than scuba diving.  You are in the deep blue ocean, nothing is around to bother you.  Except maybe a Great White Shark.  That is why when you are on a scuba diving adventure seeking out prehistoric ocean killers, it is best to scuba dive in a cage.

GWSCageDivingIncredible Adventures strongly believes in the use of shark cages when diving with big sharks and uses protective shark cages on all our great white and tiger shark adventures. Shark cages help to protect both divers and sharks from harm. Despite what some believe, sharks aren’t killing machines out to dine on the first human who swims by. They don’t patrol the ocean like “Jaws” just waiting for a chance to eat a surfer or swimmer. But, sharks can and do, very rarely and very accidentally, mistake a human for an elephant seal or big fish. We don’t believe in taking unnecessary chances with our customers’ lives.

CageDivingCages also serve another great purpose. They help to make it possible for non-divers to experience the underwater world of sharks. By using cages and hookah systems, which supply air from the boat or dock, both divers and non-divers can experience a shark encounter.

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