Congressman Cardenas

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump for the second time in his presidency following the Trump-led insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week. Congressman Tony Cárdenas (CA-29) releases the following statement:

“President Trump is the most dangerous person in the country.  He has proven, by his actions, to be a threat to our nation and our democracy. Trump betrayed the American people by attempting to undermine the will of the people and refusing to concede the election. The siege on Congress last week led and encouraged by Donald Trump and his Republican allies caused the deaths of six people, including two Capitol Police officers who put their lives on the line. They lost their lives defending our U.S. Capitol from Trump-supported domestic terrorists who were there to kill and terrorize. Congress has now impeached President Trump for the second time in his presidency, something that has never happened in our nation’s history. The Senate must now quickly convict and remove him from office.

“Those in Congress who were complicit and encouraged last week’s terrorist attack must be held accountable. They should resign immediately as they are clearly unfit to hold public office. If they do not resign willingly, I will support efforts by my colleagues to expel those Members who supported the coup attempt.

“To those insurrectionists who caused and participated in last week’s attack on democracy, know this: Your terrorist threats will not deter us from carrying out our sworn duty as public servants and continuing the work on behalf of the American people.”

Congressman Tony Cardenas
Congressman Tony Cardenas

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