The Los Angeles Police Department recognized eighty-one Department employees for their bravery, heroism, saving or preservation of human life, exceptional performance of duty and outstanding service to the people ofLos Angeles. The recipients were recognized by the Department for numerous awards.


Before the awards were presented, Chief Beck made a special announcement honoring a recipient that was unable to receive her award.  Senior Clerk Typist Adrien Shields from Hollywood Division passed away before she could accept the Police Meritorious Unit Citation Award.The award was presented to her mother and son who proudly accepted it on her behalf.
Seventy-one recipients were given the “Police Meritorious Unit Citation.”  This is awarded to an organizational unit of the Department for bravery or outstanding service by its members functioning as a team.  It consists of a medal, ribbon, and a copy of the citation.
Eight recipients received the “Lifesaving” medal. The Lifesaving medal is awarded to recognize the actions of Department personnel that result in the saving or preservation of human life that otherwise would have been lost without the employee’s direct involvement.  An employee can receive only one lifesaving award per incident, regardless of how many victims were involved.  The award consists of a medal, lapel pin, and ribbon.
Two recipients received the “Police Star.” The Police Star is awarded to employees who distinguish themselves by bravery or heroism above and beyond the normal demands of duty. The award consists of a medal, lapel pin, and a ribbon.
Chief Beck stated, “I have the honor and pleasure of being the Chief of Police for the world’s greatest Police Department.  It’s not great because we have beautiful buildings, it’s not great because we reduce crime, it’s because of the great people, it’s because of you.”
The ceremony was held in the Ronald Deaton Auditorium.  The auditorium was filled with members of the Department, family, and friends sharing in the special moment with their loved ones.


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