Carolyn Ramsay

SHERMAN OAKS, CA — Carolyn Ramsay is a champion for our neighborhoods. She is the only candidate with nearly two decades of experience standing up for our local communities to create more parks and open space, reduce crime, and fix our crumbling streets and sidewalks.

Carolyn has served our community as a neighborhood activist, local Director for the Trust for Public Land, and Field Representative and then Chief of Staff to current Councilmember Tom LaBonge.

She moved here as a reporter more than 20 years ago and her first professional call went to a young Tom LaBonge before he became our current Councilmember. LaBonge drove her around showing her everything he knew about the community and introducing her to the incredible people living and working to preserve and enhance our unique neighborhoods.

By the time Carolyn moved in to her Larchmont fixer in the early 90s and started her own family, she had lived in eight different states. Her father, Jack Ramsay, was a hall-of-fame NBA coach back when it didn’t come with an overblown paycheck. In every city they lived, Carolyn studied how it was run, who participated in the community, what worked, and what didn’t.

Carolyn’s now running for City Council for the same reasons she joined Tom’s team years ago – to make Los Angeles work better for residents and small business owners, to make our communities safer and more livable, to fix our sidewalks and streets, to reduce traffic congestion, to stop bad development, and to improve our local economy with good jobs.

Her experience on the front lines holding City Hall accountable to the residents of this community makes her the most qualified to lead us forward.

Our city won’t succeed unless we have good jobs and a strong local economy that works for everyone. Carolyn is the only candidate who’s been working with community leaders and entertainment industry stakeholders to create a Hollywood Innovation Zone. This twenty-block industrial area will serve as a groundbreaking hub for recruiting and retaining good paying entertainment and tech jobs needed to support local small businesses and stronger neighborhoods.

We can’t afford more bursting water pipes, broken sidewalk lawsuits and crumbling streets slowing our commutes. Carolyn knows we can save money and speed up the repairs by tackling the infrastructure all at once. She’s mapping out a plan to use long-term bonds and matching funds from the federal government to make our streets greener, create designated bike lanes, add bus lines, build out more rail service, and connect our storm drains to the natural aquifer in the San Fernando Valley to reduce water costs.

In her rare moments of spare time, Carolyn enjoys cooking and playing tennis with her neighbors. She lives with her husband Andy Goodman, two children: Dan and Olivia, their rescued dog Scarlett and rescued cats Franklin and Eleanor.

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