Pacifica Beach Hotel

PACIFICA, CA — Guests of the Pacifica Beach Hotel are treated to personalized service, an in-room Jacuzzi, and a variety of other amenities like free Wi-Fi, free cable, free parking, an indoor heated swimming pool, and some of the most scenic views of the beach. The Pacifica Beach Hotel is also a Architectural Landmark.

Right beside the hotel is Puerto 27, a wonderful Purivan restaurant which serves up signature Peruvian dishes that are quite popular with the locals and tourist alike. The hotel is within minutes from some of the best places to visit and is never far from amenities like restaurants, shopping outlets and entertainment spots.

The Pacifica Beach Hotel – a 52 room beachfront hotel in California – is inviting everyone to their special day surprise like wedding anniversary, valentines’s day or simply fun getaway with the family.Sweet Escape for the Couples — Since many couples would like a sweet escape on their romantic day, many would stay in a hotel and visit a place that’s intimate and special. This is what the management of Pacifica Beach Hotel knows about their guests. The hotel is a prime location with a scenic view of the California coastline. Pacifica Beach Hotel is a beachfront property and is perfect for long walks by the shore, a candlelit dinner, and just relaxing the day away.

Unwind at Pacifica.  — Families have always chosen Pacifica Beach Hotel because of the value and the scenic location. Guests enjoy a majestic view of the sea and as a beachfront hotel; guests are no more than a few steps away from the shore. Many past guests have appreciated the fact that each room in the hotel has its own hot tub and the amazing views of the beach especially during the sunset. In Addition the onsite indoor swimming pool with the panoramic view of the ocean is a great retreat place for the whole family.

The hotel also offers a 24-hour front desk to cater to your needs and queries.
You are never too far away from the buzzing city lights as Pacifica Beach Hotel is just 7 miles from the San Francisco International Airport and a mere 15 minutes’ drive to San Francisco city center.

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