What is a Septic System?

A small scale sewage treatment system that is not connected to the city sewer system.  There are two different kinds, the septic system with a drainfield, and the ones with a seepage pit.

There are keys to maintaining your septic system.  Remember to inspect and pump regularly.  Use water efficiently and flush responsibly.  Dental floss, condoms, tampons, cotton swabs and cigarette butts should not be flushed.  These items clog and damage your septic system.  For more information on septic tanks please contact the Sanitation Department of Public Works in Los Angeles City.

How can I brace my water heater?

The short answer is take it to an orthodontist.  But to be completly safe, a water heater must be strapped in at least 2 locations, one being the upper 1/3 of the unit, and the other in the lower 1/3rd.  The lower strap must be at least 4 inches above the water heater control unit, and make sure to have thread penetration into a wall stud.  Also be sure to install a large flat washer between each lag screw and the strap for reinforcement.

PLEASE NOTE: The State of California requires that all water heaters be strapped to resist motion during an earthquake.  This may be accomplished by installing an over the counter “water heater restraint” kit approved by the Office of the State Architect (OSA).

What are Green Building Projects?

They are high performance buildings that are built to exceed the minimum requirements of the building code, especially in the areas of indoor enviromental quality and resource efficency — including land, water, energy and materials.

Examples include; conserving natural resources, preserving natural vegetation, using recycled building materials, maintaining good indoor air quality, providing recycling facilities and having adequate access to public transportation.

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is offering Priority Plan check for qualifing Green Building Projects. Registration information and the rating guides are available at the USGBC website, check out www.usgbc.org

Where can I obtain my Birth Certificate?

Birth Certificates are issued from the County Government.  Depending on the state and county you were born in, the fees will vary.  In Los Angeles County, one can obtain a Birth Certificate from 14340 Sylvan St. in Van Nuys CA.  The cost is around $18, and you can trade in your old birth certificate for free.

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