DENALI NATIONAL PARK, ALASKA — Located at approximately Milepost 236 of the George Park Highway, Denali National Park and Preserve lies deep within the Alaskan Bush between Anchorage and Fairbanks. Home to Mount Denali, the tallest peak in North America, and abundant wildlife — grizzly bears, moose, Dall sheep and caribou, the park encompasses tundra, taiga and alpine ecosystems. Denali National Park is open year-round, with its main visitor season occurring mid-May through mid-September.

DenaliPhotoOfTheWeekHistory: At the turn of the century, Denali was home to the Kantishna mining district. The area became known for its beauty and wildlife, which American conservationist Charles Alexander Sheldon fought to protect — specifically the Dall sheep that were being hunted. In 1917, Mount McKinley National Park was established to ward off poachers. During World War II, the area began to see early developments focused on attracting tourism and serving as vacation homes for military troops.

In 1976, President Jimmy Carter designated the area as an international biosphere reserve. Then in 1980, the park’s boundaries were expanded to more than six million acres – including Mt. McKinley and Denali Preserve — and renamed Denali National Park.  (For more information, please visit

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