Council President Herb Wesson

Joint Meeting of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council, LA City Council Rules Committee and Ethics Commission Being Held October 15th At Van Nuys City Hall @ 6:30pm

LOS ANGELES, CA — In June 2014, the City of Los Angeles Municipal Elections Reform Commission adopted a series of recommendations designed to enhance civic engagement and improve voter turnout in City elections. On October 15th at Van Nuys City Hall, all of these recommendations will be considered at a joint meeting starting at 6:30pm.
“These reforms being proposed can and will change the very landscape and framework of our local city elections.  This is a fantastic opportunity to increase voter turnout, and get more people involved in our representative democracy.  I would like to personally thank LA City Council President Herb Wesson for reaching out to the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council, and including the people of Van Nuys in the decision making process,” said George Christopher Thomas, President of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council.

The recommendations include concepts such as changing election dates, establishing early voting locations, promoting voting by mail, expanding the use of technology, increasing access to voter registration materials, and partnering with neighborhood councils and civic organizations to promote public awareness. (See Council File No. 13-1364.) (Pictured above: LA City Council President Herb Wesson)

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