Second round of emergency relief grants for artists with scheduled events that were to take place within the City of Los Angeles and open to the general public.

LOS ANGELES, CA — COVID-19 has had an unanticipated impact on Los Angeles artists and small arts groups who had planned public performances, only to have those events canceled in a city-wide effort to slow the spread of the virus. The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) and Community Partners aim to provide relief to this spectrum of LA-based performing artists who were financially affected by this disruption through Round Two of this emergency grant relief opportunity.

“Community Partners, a prestigious local incubator of public-benefit enterprises, and the Department of Cultural Affairs recognize the tremendous impact COVID-19 is having on artists who live and work in our City and are working together on the thoughtful reallocation of funds to assist local entrepreneurs,” said Danielle Brazell, DCA General Manager.

“We hope that funding through this micro granting process will allow artists to recoup a portion of their lost wages and find relief and support during this crisis.” Categories: This second round of emergency relief grant support is open for artists and small ensembles with scheduled programming that were: a) to take place between March 16 and June 30 within the City of Los Angeles; 1 b) were to be open to the general public; c) were canceled due to COVID-19; and d) are within the following categories:

Category 1: Solo artists or 2 to 4-member ensemble groups in dance, music, or theater with canceled public presentations. Category 2: Independent small-budget (under $300,000) filmmakers and videographers with canceled public screenings. Category 3: Literary artists with canceled public readings or book-signings. Category 4: Solo craft artists or 2 to 4 member ensemble folk groups with canceled public presentations. Category 5: Teaching artists in any art form with canceled group classes or workshop series. In this category, workshops must have been open to the general public (and workshops inside a school setting for tuition-paying students are not eligible).

Applications in this category may be ranked according to the price and capacity of the canceled enrollment. Given the modest amount of funds, artists who were scheduled to perform pieces at a festival, or at a private engagement, or who were to teach private, solo, or group lessons setting are not eligible. Funding in Round Two is focused on a broad category of artists and groups. Artists in the fields of design and the visual arts, who present their craft in galleries, coffee shops, and similar public settings will be addressed in a forthcoming Round Three in approximately 15-20 days. Eligibility Solo artists may request up to $400, and ensembles may request up to $1,200. Eligible events should have been publically advertised and scheduled to take place between March 16, 2020, and June 30, 2020, at an address within the City of Los Angeles. The event must have been canceled or postponed until after September 30, 2020.

DCA is working to identify additional resources to benefit as many different artists as possible. Professional dance, music, and theater solo artists, as well as small ensembles who designate a single individual to represent the group, can 2 apply. Applicants may not be high school or college students performing projects for school accreditation. Artists who are currently getting assistance from the Actors Fund, Behind the Scenes, Dance Resource Center, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor Community Services AFL-CIO, Motion Picture & Television Fund, SAG/AFTRA, or Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation may not request DCA funding relief.

For a complete list of eligibility requirements, instructions on the application process, and the timeline for application and approvals, please visit: https:// The deadline to submit your application (one per person, event, and venue) is Friday, June 1, 2020, by 11:59 p.m. Once DCA receives 450 eligible proposals, a Round Two lottery will determine who is supported and the standard allocation for each grant. Applications received after the 450th submission, as well as proposals not supported in Rounds One or Two, may be rolled into any future rounds of this relief fund. Applicants who fulfill all program eligibility requirements will be placed in an eligible pool, from which proposed grantees will be selected via random lottery until all Round Two funding is exhausted.

A list of names and allocated grant amounts will be presented to the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission for review and final approval in early May 2020. DCA will notify applicants of their funding status before May 31, 2020. Payments will come from the Community Partners who will solicit W-9 forms and disperse checks. DCA will notify applicants of their funding status before May 31, 2020. About the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) As a leading, progressive arts and cultural agency, DCA empowers Los Angeles’ vibrant communities by supporting and providing access to quality visual, literary, musical, performing, and educational arts programming; managing vital cultural centers; preserving historic sites; creating public art; and funding services provided by arts organizations and individual artists.

Formed in 1925, DCA promotes arts and culture as a way to ignite a powerful dialogue, engage LA’s residents and visitors, and ensure LA’s varied cultures are recognized, acknowledged, and experienced. DCA’s mission is to strengthen the quality of life in Los Angeles by stimulating and supporting arts and cultural activities, ensuring public access to the arts for residents and visitors alike. 3 DCA advances the social and economic impact of arts and culture through grant-making, public art, community arts, and strategic marketing and development. DCA creates and supports arts programming, maximizing relationships with other city agencies, artists, and arts and cultural nonprofit organizations to provide excellent service in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook at; Instagram @culture_la; and Twitter @culture_la. About Community Partners Community Partners offers expert guidance and essential services to help foster, launch, and grow creative solutions to community challenges. For more than 25 years, hundreds of individuals, groups, foundations, and other institutions have worked with Community Partners to create new nonprofit projects, establish coalitions, and manage major philanthropic initiatives to benefit the region.

Community Partners’ mission is to accelerate ideas into action to advance the public good through fiscal sponsorship, intermediary services, and knowledge sharing. Community Partners supports close to 200 of those creative solutions. Taken together, these efforts offer a panoramic view of social innovation taking place across the region and beyond. Community Partners projects are using the arts to build self-esteem among young women, helping disadvantaged students achieve their dreams for college, addressing food justice, tackling obesity, and much more

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