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In the ongoing transformation of the Government Center into a multipurpose civic and community area, local leaders release a detailed plan to government officials and the general public.

VAN NUYS, CA – The “Civic Ambassadors” along with neighborhood residents and community-based organizations have released a plan to create community gardens at the Civic Center in Van Nuys as well as providing technical support and advanced training in growing fruits and vegetables using organic practices.

LAPDVanNuysStationOur goal is to not only to start community gardens at the civic center in Van Nuys, but to provide ongoing support so this garden and similar ones in the future will be sustainable and thrive into the future.  Community gardens provide neighborhood residents the opportunity to have direct access to the fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables that support a healthy lifestyle, as well as an education on the history of America.

To that end, the “Civic Ambassadors” have proposed the theme of AMERICA’S 50 STATES COMMUNITY GARDEN.  The first community garden like it in the United States will feature each of America’s states trees or flowers in the garden.

These thriving green spaces create a nurturing refuge, often in places where there are no other parks or green space available.  Often the gardens are responsible for cleaning up and converting blighted, vacant lots – improving the image of the neighborhood, how people feel about their community and themselves.  The gardens bring people together, helping to build the bonds of community that include populations with diverse backgrounds and demographics within the neighborhood.

CityBuildingVanNuysAfter the implementation of our plan, we look forward to begin experiencing several benefits, including the fact that:

  • Community gardens bring people together, helping to build relationships between families, neighbors, schools, and community.
    • Community Gardens offer participants direct access to fresh, nutritious produce.
    • Community garden programs teach participants self-reliance and a variety of skills useful in running the gardens and in other aspects of community work and family life.
    • Gardening provides unique recreational outlets and a healthy source of exercise for people of all ages.
    • Cleaning up and converting blighted vacant lots improves the image of the neighborhood, how people feel about it and about themselves, research shows that this kind of community involvement can actually help reduce vandalism and bring down crime rates.
    • Participation in gardening teaches the practical value and benefits of community and environmental stewardship.
    • Community beautification can help raise adjacent property values and attract new residents and businesses to the neighborhood.
    • There are potential economic benefits, as gardeners of all ages have the opportunity to participate in local farmers markets and develop marketable products from their garden.
    • Gardening offers a valuable resource to agencies working with clients to provide horticultural, occupational and recreational therapies.
    • The gardens lend themselves to a wealth of creative educational opportunities for schools, daycare centers and neighborhood youth.

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