lohan at lynwood

Lohan is grounded for 35 days. She showed up at Lynwood, got the bracelet and was then ordered to house arrest for 35 days. All this for stealing the $2500 necklace.

lohan at lynwood
Lindsay Lohan at Lynwood to Pickup Ankle Bracelet

Doesn’t she have enough $$ to avoid stealing things?

Originally she was sentenced to four months in jail. 120 days in jail. But, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman said that due to overcrowding, she is available for house arrest. Nice jail time, a Venice townhouse for 35 days.

With that no contest plea she also gets 480 hours of community service. The break down is as follows; 120 hours of janitorial duty at the Los Angeles County coroner office and 360 hours of time spent at the skid row women’s shelter.

It would be interesting to see what the janitorial service is like at the coroner’s office.

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