NEVADA COUNTY, CA — Elephants are majestic, intelligent and endangered animals who belong in the wild — not at county fairs providing rides for people.
California’s Nevada County Fairgrounds Board of Directors has contracted with Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) — a company that provides elephants for entertainment purposes. An undercover investigation by Animal Defenders International (ADI) of HTWT’s Perris, CA location, showed elephants being repeatedly abused, jabbed with bull hooks and shocked with electric stun guns during routine handling and training.
Despite an outpouring of public outcry against HTWT and their abuse of elephants, the authorities insist on allowing these abused elephants to come to the Nevada County Fair. The reason they gave was that the people speaking up were not constituents of Nevada County or county fair patrons. We cannot allow the authorities to continue with this plan and HTWT should not profit from animal abuse!  (

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