SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, CA — With over 500 meaderies in the United States, one of the largest – also a near-century-old winery and the oldest in the region – is in Santa Cruz County. Now, Bargetto Winery’s sparkling mead – essentially wine made from honey instead of grapes – is getting lots of buzz amongst wine lovers. Bargetto’s Chaucer’smead has been a staple at the winery for some time, however, the addition of bubbles has converted this sweet wine into a cause for celebration.

Sparkling-Mead-Can-Bottle_640x480Mead is made by fermenting honey and water with yeast, but it can also be flavored with fruits, spices, grains, and hops. Mead falls between beer and wine, enjoyed like a beer, wine, or cider. The honey for this specialty drink is sourced from hives throughout California’s Central Valley and Sierra Mountains. Chaucer’s Sparkling Mead is a blend of many types of honey: alfalfa, orange blossom, wildflower, and sage. The mead is then blended with orange and ginger to give it a sweet and spicy flavor with a crisp, clean finish with lingering hints of Valencia orange. Chaucer’s mead is available in bottles and cans for picnics on the go.

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