Gravity Music in LA

[ grav·i·ty ]:
Drawing on the rich american tradition of blues, rock-n-roll, funk, and psychedelia, Gravity puts it all together with an assortment of hard hitting riffs and funky grooves. Gravity couples their driving grooves with poignant political and social commentary that attempts to awaken the silent majority from their rat race coma. Based in LosAngeles California, Gravity performs their multimedia shows thorough out the southern California area.

Gravity Music in LA
Gravity Music in LA

The band :

Ray Rockwood (vocals & guitar) : Ray’s roots in traditional blues and rock’n’roll comes through in a distinct style that is both soulful and thoughtful while also embracing a hair-on-fire wild man mentality. Using a combination of vintage and state of the art effects and amps he is able to create a wide ranging soundscape that can be as beautiful as it is exhilarating.

Mike Kracow (vocals, keyboards & guitar) :

Mike’s smooth and melodic vocals and slide guitar work beautifully merge with ghostly, haunting, rhythmic organ and string textures to perfectly contrast with funky, syncopated wah drenched, electric piano rhythm and grinding gospel organ leads to produce a musical voice that is uniquely his own.

Sumit Das (vocals & bass) :

Sumit carries the low end of the sound spectrum with clear, warm bass tones and a solid time feel that lets the listener relax into the experience of the richly-textured music. Then he turns on the heat to rock out with jazz and funk sensibilities to give the music the intensity and complexity it deserves. Sumit has a way of being solid and transparent at the same time, allowing themusic to be heard in the mind and felt in the body.

Rouel Cazanjian (drums $ percussion) :

Rouel provides the backbone of Gravity’s sound, providing the groove and forward propulsion. Whether delivering gentle shimmers, slamming backbeats, or blistering fills, his playing always complements and drives the music beautifully.

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