GOLD COUNTRY, CA — A few miles from Sutter Creek in beautiful Gold Country is a 60-acre private ranch that offers an unforgettable animal experience.  Included as part of your stay, or available for those just coming through on a day trip or staying in town, is this incredible three-hour experience.  From feeding llamas and horses, to swimming in a pond and petting mini-donkeys, this is an afternoon you won’t soon forget.

Llama2“After a welcome orientation tour and refreshments at the guest house, we do a leisurely ½ mile walk on a scenic trail, taking the long route to the barn. Our Dog & Pony Ranch setup is dog-friendly so guests are welcome to bring their friendly well-behaved dogs to explore the fenced property off-leash. The next hour is spent at the barn interacting with our ranch animals while learning more about them,” said Cindi Harrell, owner of the Dog & Pony Ranch.

“We begin with the biggest animals, the horses, who love being pet and fed by guests — some will even lick your hand! The llamas are next – many guests are surprised by how gentle llamas are and how it practically tickles when they use their top lips to take treats from your hands. The mini donkeys are eager for their turn being pet and fed, and we have special treats our guests can give the small equines. Lastly, guests collect chicken eggs, can hold/pet a chicken, then cheer on their favorite while the hens waddle-run race to their special treats at the “finish line,” said Harrell.

Llama1“The last half hour is spent at the swimming pond (during warm months) or in the game room for foosball, ping pong, darts and more during cooler months. People often tell us how much they enjoy the photos we take to capture the special moments while they enjoy the ranch and its animals!” said Harrell.

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