By Irving Leemon, Contributing Columnist

Our elected officials take an oath uphold the local and federal laws of this country. They are now proceeding to help those who break those laws just to obtain votes from one ethnic group. I guess the oath of office is worthless. It’s just a lie. A case on point is the attempts to make some cities a place for criminals to hide in.

A few cities have told their police departments to ignore the emigration status of people they stop for suspicion of violating traffic laws and other offenses. One “law maker” wants to stop the police, sheriffs, and highway patrol officers from impounding the cars of people they find drunk driving during traffic stops, because he feels a disproportionate number of illegals are caught driving drunk. To him, this is causing an undo hardship on them.

What about the lives that might be taken if these people aren’t taken off the road? A lot of them can’t read or speak English and don’t know our traffic laws. If you want to know what I mean, just try driving in Mexico City. And what about those gang bangers who are deported only to cross back into this country illegally? How many lives have they ruined and taken? If the police can’t check their backgrounds they have no way of knowing that they are illegals and crooks. How many of those illegals are pushing drugs that are killing people and ruining many more lives.

Now many people are pushing to stop deportation of illegals because it breaks up homes and families of those who have been here for years. Instead asking law enforcement to ignore our laws, people should be talking about finding ways to convert the law abiding long time illegals into citizens. There has to be a way to absolutely verify that a person has been in this country for many years, using something that can’t be forged or faked. In addition, they should be required to read and speak English. They also should be required to have, or obtain, a legitimate social security number of their own so that taxes can be deducted from their pay like everyone else. Agree, Disagree? Comment below.

By Iving Lemon

Contributing Columnist

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