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Finding your dog when it gets lost is sometimes a difficult task. Blue Dog Tavern provided QR dog tags for free on Dec 7th, yesterday, to help make the procurement of lost dogs an easier task. If you are local and enjoy great beer from…not local breweries, then Blue Dog is the destination for you.

Blue Dog Tavern Sherman Oaks
Blue Dog Tavern Sherman Oaks

First, about the Tavern. Entering the Tavern the first thing you’ll see are 100’s of solo pictures of dogs nailed to the walls, along with colorful chalk writings about flavors of the month and other scribblings. To get your dog posted inside the tavern all one must do is visit the site and upload a picture. Make sure its of the dog only, from the looks of the restaurant’s pictures, no people are allowed in the frame-shots.

The Taverns menu will satisfy most hungry eaters and even the strictest vegetarians. Actually, its the vegetarians that have been making visits and some PR about the place, but then again, vegetarians are always fairly loquacious.

Today we ventured for the “Popper Burger”. The meat was delicious and it was cooked wonderfully. On top of the burger was fried jalapeno’s with a light cream cheese and delicious fresh, hand cut  fries on the side. I paired the lunch with a Delirium Tremens and everything was right in the world again.

The atmosphere at Blue Dog is what you would call comfortable and relaxed. It’s an open style structured restaurant with wood beams and ceilings showing. The staff are very attentive and knowledgable about the vast selection of beers, but will quickly turn on you if you ask for, say, Bud Light. Still catering to the watered-down mass produced water-beer with inventory in stock, there is a definite bias towards authentic and savory beers from either the tap or bottle.

Blue Dog Tavern Food
Blue Dog Tavern Food

Now on to QR Dog Tags. Companies are taking advantage of the technology of the scanning capabilities of QR codes and applying it to dog tags. There is a lot of information that can be contained within a QR code. Everything from the Dog’s owners to the dog’s age, address, and phone number.

At Blue Dog the QR registration was free, it was a promotion put on by Blue Dog because Blue Dog is passionate about man’s best friend.

The process was, show up, fill out forms that contain information about you and your pet, maybe get something to eat (be sure to get their Vitus), and get a tag for your dog in return. Actually, no tag is provided the day of order. Blue Dog will have the tags ready in 8-10 days. So you get to return for another tasty Belgium Beer and delightful meal.

Here’s a link to some great Belgium Beer.

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