Virgin Atlantic Plane

It started as a birthday celebration for a 46 year old woman, her husband and her father. The three of them boarded the Virgin flight from Gatwick to Barbados. As we all know, Virgin flights have free cocktails for the passengers. The three passengers were celebrating loudly when a Danish family that was sitting behind them complained, and all hell broke loose after that. We not sure if there were any bail bonds issued for the ones arrested since the legal industry is different in Barbados, but if that flight had landed in Los Angeles, our San Bernardino Bail Bonds company would be bailing them out on some heft charges.

Virgin Atlantic Plane
Virgin Atlantic Plane

The birthday goers were, Zoe King (birthday girl), her husband, Martin King, and her father, Derek Edmond. They had been drinking for most of the eight hour flight from Gatwick to Barbados. Then the Danish family that was sitting behind them decided to speak up and complain about the ruckus they were creating. This instantly created a lot of shouting between the families.

As the shouting became louder and louder, the fight broke out. Martin, his birthday wife, and the father were all throwing punches with the Danish family. The fight ensued for a few minutes as more and more passengers started getting involved to curtail this crazy event. It was family UFC on a Virgin flight at 30,000 feet.

The birthday girl kept yelling, “You swore in front of my child” over and over and kept saying, “It’s my birthday.” Well, she should get a free pass if it’s her birthday, right? As the fight ensued and others tried to pull the families apart, the pilot was calling in to the authorities in Barbados and alerting the local police about the squirmish.

When the flight finally landed, there were more than a dozen police officers waiting for the 280 passengers from the Virgin flight. All the passengers and culprits were questioned about the brawl as the police continued their investigation.

The birthday girl got off the flight with her arm in a sling and her willing husband left with a black eye. There’s not enough evidence as of yet to decide which family was victorious, but there were no reports about the Danish family having any injuries, so we are calling this one for the Danes.

The only ones appearing in court were the birthday girl, her husband and the father. So that also tells us that the Danes won out. This family was charged with disruptive behavior on an aircraft. Normally in the US that would cost upwards of $50,000 for a bail bonds. If convicted, the family might face two years in prison or a fine. A family that fights together stays together.

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