~ Washington, D.C. is 68
square miles in area.
~ Greater Washington
has the largest percent
of adults with advanced
degrees (21 percent) in
the U.S., more than twice
the national average.
~ D.C.’s primary
industry after the federal
government is tourism,
which generates more
than $5.5 billion in
visitor spending.
~ The top three most visited
attractions in
D.C. are (in order) the
National Museum of
Natural History, the
National Air and Space
Museum and the Lincoln
~ The flag of Washington,
D.C., which was adopted
in 1938, is based on
shield from George
Washington’s family
coat of arms.
~ D.C.’s official motto is
Justitia omnibus (Justice
to all).
~ 88,000 D.C. residents
(15 percent) speak a
language other than
English at home.
~ Washington, D.C.
is not a state, nor is it
part of any state. It is a
federal district created
specifically to be the seat
of government for the
United States.

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