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Brexit has been one of the most tumultuous and divisive events of the decade – a decade politically defined by partisanship and chaos. The UK general election resulted in a win for the Conservative Party, so party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is rushing ahead with his plan for UK’s withdrawal from the EU by January 31, 2020. Things are happening fast, and it is hard to predict exactly where the trade relationship between the UK and the EU will land.

This chaos and uncertainty are not only taking a toll on UK and EU citizens. The European fishing presence in the English Channel has been at an all-time high, likely because of the expected divorce of UK fishing regulations from EU standards post-Brexit. But the high volume of fishing vessels, or trawlers, is now killing dolphins in unprecedented numbers.

Sign now and demand that the EU amend the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) to decrease the number of trawlers!

The dolphins get caught in fishing lines and nets run by the trawlers. Unable to surface for breath, the dolphins drown and are only discovered once the crews pull up the nets to collect their haul. The crews, without a second thought, throw the lifeless bodies back into the water, which then wash ashore and are picked at by seagulls.

These EU trawlers have no accountability. Without independent observers on board to record what is caught, there is no reporting system for the number of dolphin casualties their nets and lines cause. And with such a high number of trawlers, there is no doubt that the number of dolphins drowned is at a record high as well.

These dolphins are dying painfully and needlessly! We must protect them. Sign the petition and tell the EU to regulate trawlers, including putting independent observers on each and every vessel!

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