Los Angeles is a unique city because it is the most diverse city in the world.  There are more languages spoken here than in any other municipality on Earth.  And the diversity of the city is part of its allure.  As a Los Angeles native, I love being able to chose from so many different restaurants and be witness to so many different cultures.  There is a joke, what do you call someone who speaks three languages? Tri-lingual.  What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bi-lingual.  And what do you call someone who speaks one language?  An American.

Well,…not in Los Angeles.  In high school, the curriculum made all the kids chose another language, and I picked Spanish.  I hated it, and got an F- my first year.  Imagine an F Minus.  But now, in business and in life here in Los Angeles, YO AMO ESPANOL.  My dad wanted me to take French, and that comes up a lot too.  But Spanish is very important to know in LA, and so is Armenian, Farsi, Hebrew, Tagalog, Chinese and just about every language spoken on Earth.  As Randy Newman said “I LOVE LA!”  And being here isn’t just about the weather and lots of traffic.  Los Angeles is a microcosm of the world economy, and is a glimpse into the future of where our world is going. Truly an international city!  Stay and play in LA!

By daryl

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