Update: 12:16pm “The Orange County quake struck at 9:33 a.m. PT this morning. The night before, at 11:23 p.m., a 4.4-magnitude quake rattled the Yorba Linda area. At 11:25 p.m., a quake estimated at magnitude 2.7 struck in the same area, centered two miles from Yorba Linda. The third temblor — a magnitude 1.2 — struck at about 11:41 p.m. and was centered one mile from Yorba Linda.
Five more quakes followed in the next 50 minutes, USGS reported. All of them were within two miles of Yorba Linda and ranged from magnitude 1.4 to 2.1.” from NBC NEWS

Update: Yep, its confirmed, the small shaking of our building at 9:36am was actually created by the 4.5 quake at the Yorba Linda epicenter. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/ci15189281#summary

Some of you might have felt a little movement under your feet this morning. We just felt some more shaking about 2 minutes ago, 9:36am 8-8-12. According to http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ its echoes of the quake that hit near Yorba Linda. The epicenter is near Yorba Linda and the quake happened at 6:23am Wednesday morning, 8-8-12.

Tune in for more info.

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