Sherman & Villaraigosa at Reseda High

RESEDA, CA — On Sunday, August 28th, Congressman Brad Sherman (D – Sherman Oaks) hosted a Town Hall meeting at Reseda High School, located at 18230 Kittridge Street, fielding questions from some of the over 600 constituents who attended. Congressman Sherman has held over 150 Town Hall meetings during his time in Congress in a variety of formats, including visiting virtually every public and private high school and middle school in the San Fernando Valley numerous times to hear from students and Valley residents about the issues important to them and their families and to describe what he does in Congress.

Sherman & Villaraigosa at Reseda High
Sherman & Villaraigosa at Reseda High

Sherman’s staff has also hosted over 100 information booths at various community fairs, senior centers, veterans’ organizations, cultural and religious festivals, and farmers markets to share information about his constituent services program. Congressman Sherman has recognized the accomplishments and community service records of hundreds of volunteers and organizations serving the residents of the San Fernando Valley. In May of this year, Congressman Sherman conducted a Town Hall Meeting at the new Valley Performing Arts Center at Cal State Northridge, fielding questions from some of the 1,200 constituents who attended – one of the most successful and widely attended Town Hall Meetings of Sherman’s 15 years in Congress.

The Arts Center, which features a 1,700-seat Great Hall where the Town Hall Meeting took place, officially opened on January 29, 2011. Congressman Sherman helped secure federal funding for the Valley Performing Arts Center, which has hosted numerous performances from world-class performers, musicians and distinguished speakers in its first season. On Sunday, Congressman Sherman provided a brief update about his work in Congress before responding to questions about major federal issues, including, taxes, the national debt, education, Social Security and Medicare as well as other issues facing Congress.

Sherman highlighted his continued work to resolve the nation’s debt crisis, restore faith in the economy and help put Americans back to work. Sherman also set up a constituent service booth at the meeting to help dozens of constituents resolve problems they were having with federal agencies. “Town hall meetings are critical to the public policy process, providing an opportunity for me to hear about the most pressing concerns in our community and to elaborate on the work that my colleagues and I are tackling in Congress. We had a good discussion about a wide variety of issues that are important to the daily lives of Valley residents,” said Congressman Brad Sherman.

“Virtually every question from my constituents was regarding a matter of public policy, standing in stark contrast to the several reporters in attendance who only wished to discuss political horse racing. At a time when many of us are struggling to endure challenging economic times, it is inspiring how united we remain, and how dedicated we are to making our communities stronger.” Congressman Sherman directed his constituents to his Sherman Oaks office, (818) 501-9200, for further assistance in solving problems with federal agencies, including the Social Security Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs. He encouraged constituents to visit for more helpful information.

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