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“Comic Con 2013 – Secrets: Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Thrones, Teen Wolf, Grimm & X-Men”

With more than 15 Comic Con’s behind me, they truly get better and better and this year is no exception. Once again in mid-July, about 150 to 200 hundred thousand people a day attend the world’s largest convention in Sand Diego, California and it’s called “Comic Con”. They come for the swag, the stars, the exclusives and of course, the panels….here is a recap of just three of the over 200 panels….

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Panel – Sunday: To celebrate this year’s 50th Anniversary of the longest running Sci-Fi TV series in history, a wonderful panel was created for the 6,500 seat, largest auditorium known as “Hall H.” There was Jenna Colman who plays Clara the newest and most recent companion, Steven Moffat the Lead Writer/Executive Producer, David Bradley of Adventure In Time & Space, Mark Gatiss the Writer/Executive Producer and of course, the 11th Doctor himself Matt Smith. Ironically enough the entire panel was enhanced by the moderator of comedian Craig Ferguson himself. What a witty and comical touch and surprise for the audience.

Comic Con Dr Who Panel
Matt Smith, Jena Coleman, Steven Moffat, Inset: Craig Ferguson

In regards to playing the Doctor and filling a role that others have played Matt Smith says, “He’s the same man, but also each actor plays it and comes at with a different emotional background…actually if you look it, me and Dave,” (David Tenant – the 10th actor to play the Doctor) “…He’s all ‘swashbuckling’ with the ladies and mine is more often kind of flumix (crazy), and River is the ultimate alien to him.” (River Song is a character that was introduced with Tenant and been throughout the series since.)

In the audience there was even a sentimental moment when a girl in a wheelchair mentioned she got through the toughest part of her bone cancer treatment by watching Doctor Who. It instantly overwhelmed the audience and warmed the hearts of the panel.

One of the fans asked about shooting in America again and Matt said, “I want to say I really want the Christmas special to be shot in America,” referring to their stint of shooting a two-part episode in Utah. Steven Moffat says that he’s like to go back to America but, “…that would depend on the story if the story dictates the need to be there.”

Regarding writing for the show, Steven Moffat explains the process as, “…you know, the only way to write anything is to write it for yourself. Just like writing a joke, you think of it and how it makes you laugh,” Moffat continues, “It’s witless and pointless to write and think about what other people like and writing for complete strangers (and in Doctor Who’s case) several million complete strangers. It’s what I would like to see in Doctor Who!”

EW’s Brave New Warriors – Thursday: With a panel that included Kit Harington of Games Of Thrones, Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead, Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf, David Giuntoli of Grimm and Matt Smith of Doctor Who a series discussion can be had about being leads in major successful TV shows

“It’s wonderful to be part of show that has such a legacy behind it,” exclaims Matt Smith the title character in BBC’s Doctor Who, “…It was a little strange because there was such an uproar about my age. ‘He can’t be the Doctor he’s like 9’ (years old).

“I read the books really quickly for my role, the character is something I loved so dearly and taking the character and trust that you play them the way you read them,” is how Kit Harington describes his role on Game of thrones.

Brave New World Panel
Steven Yeun, Matt Smith, Kit Harington, Tyler Posey, David Giuntoli Inset: Matt Smith

“Just moved to LA about four months prior and it was my first pilot season, “ describes Steven Yeun about getting his role on The Walking Dead series. “I was just happy to have a job. That job turned into something fun and amazing.”

“I was so excited about getting the role and I had some pretty big shoes to fill, Michael J. Fox’s,” says Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf on reacting to his casting, “I love MTV and by far it’s the coolest thing I have ever done on TV.”

“I just want to speak for the fans out there…Tyler, you are so sexy,” were the first comments from David Giuntoli of the TV show Grimm, “..well I read a bunch of pilots and Grimm was a very bizarre pilot as a lot of Sci-Fi is, and its made by the guys who did Buffy and Angel…and feel great about the role.”

The “Surprise” 20th Century Fox Panel – Saturday: No one knew the details of this panel What could be a better surprise than starting off with “The Wolverine’s” director James Mangold who talked about the direction “The Wolverine” movie is taking in giving you more about what makes real Wolverine tick. The second surprise is when Mangold introduced the Wolverine himself, Mr. Hugh Jackman.
In all his sincerity, Hugh Jackman comes out and announces to over 6,500 people the following: “I do this to come here to Hall H, to see and thank you…(point to the crowd in every direction), I’m not fishing for anything, but one of the great things that playing a character like this in big blockbuster like these films has afforded me is to do many roles and been given many opportunities…,” Jackman says sincerely, “But it’s call because and for you the fans! So Thank YOU!” And then the audience goes wild.

Now Jackman then says he wants to introduce the director of this “small” film he’s been working on and then introduces the 3rd surprise guest for the Comic Con weekend, Bryan Singer, director of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” slated for release next summer 2014. Singer then describes the incredible experience working with these casts and says, “…the true surprise is about to happen here in Hall H.”

And then the 4th surprise the unannounced guests walk on stage one-by-one – The X-Men – Omar Sy (Bishop), Ellen Page (Kitty Pride/Shadowcat), Shawn Ashmore (Bobby Drake/Iceman), Anna Paquin (Marie/Rogue), Halle Berry (Ororo Monroe/Storm), Sir Ian McKellen (Eric Lehnsherr/ Magneto-adult), Sir Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier/Professor X-adult), Hugh Jackman (Logan /Wolverine), James McAvoy (Charles Xavier-younger), Michael Fassbender (Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto-younger), Jenifer Lawrence (Raven/Mystique), Nichols Hoult (Hank McCoy/Beast), Peter Dinklage (Bolivar Trask) and finally Even Peters (Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver). 15 of the cast members plus one writer and two producers (one of wish is Laren Schuller-Donner who there from the beginning of the X-Men franchise), along with their director Bryan Singer, made for the largest Comic Con panel ever! 21 Guests in one Comic Con panel, wow!

Comic Con X-Men Panel
Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy Inset: Halle Berry

Highlights included James McAvoy jumping up with his mic and saying, “I can’t be in a room with this many people and say HOW YOU DOING COMIC CON?” Of course to a thunderous roar and cheer. He followed it up with, “It’s amazing how much passion you all have!”

Hugh Jackman was honest in saying, “This is an embarrassment of riches to work with these people in the very first film I ever did and then to work with this new cast. This is two great movies in one! You guys are in for a real treat!”

Sir Patrick Stewart was asked about his having a ‘family’ in the Star Trek and X-men realms says, “We’ve heard the words ‘blessings’ several times today, to experience a job as an actor with a great group of people who you honor and respect and admire, but love to work with ONCE,” as he points his finger to the sky, “…in a career is enviable but because in my case having had that experience twice in a career feels quite extraordinary!”
Sir Ian McKellen of Middle-Earth fame opened his words with, “I am so happy to be back in California, now that I feel safe since you’ve gotten rid of Proposition 8!” Again another thunderous applause is heard in support of Gay Marriage in California. “Patrick and I are going to be doing two plays on Broadway and it’s because of you and your support for these projects and our consummate theatre backgrounds…we’ll be performing together on stage!”

Halle Berry said quite sincerely about her character Storm, “What I love about Storm is that she is like the ‘Earth Mother’ of the group and I think that’s part of my own personality I bring into it….what I hate about Storm is that she never gets any love!” The audience again goes crazy and she continues jokingly, “You guys probably know more than me about the comics, is she like asexual? What’s up with that, she’s got no one to love? No I’m kidding, when I got the call to come back – it took me all of a second to say yes.” Again the audience goes into hysterics and cheers.
If you have never been to Comic Con – you must go at least once. However it does take and arm and a leg to get tickets these past 5 years, but if you can get it – you’ll probably return and return again and again!

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