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Vote Yes On Charter Amendment 1
Government of the people and for the people requires participation BY the people.  Elections are the great equalizer, allowing everyone’s voice to be heard with the same weight without regard to race, age or gender.
Elections are sacred and allow our democracy to function.
Elections are also expensive—costing taxpayers millions of dollars.  When we hold elections with very low voter turnout, we are wasting money and placing power directly into the hands of special interests—not the voters.

It’s time for change.
It’s time to stop wasting taxpayer dollars. It’s time to simplify our election process.
A YES vote on Charter Amendment 1 will do this.
For as long as anyone can remember, Los Angeles holds elections for local offices like Mayor and City Councilmembers just a few months AFTER we vote for higher profile offices like President and U.S. Senator.  Here’s the result: In the November 2012 election, turnout was 71%.  A few months later, turnout in the 2013 election for Mayor of Los Angeles was only 21%! That means barely one in five voters are making critical, quality of life decisions for the vast majority of Angelenos.  That’s simply not democracy at its best!

Charter Amendment 1 will consolidate city elections with federal and state elections, vastly improve voter participation and potentially save LA millions of dollars that could be better spent on schools, parks, libraries, and fixing our roads to reduce traffic.
“… If switching to on-cycle elections means more people will be involved in choosing their local representatives, then Los Angeles shouldn’t hesitate to do it.”  – Los Angeles Times (9/18/14)
Join the Los Angeles 2020 Commission, the Elections Reform Commission, Common Cause, neighborhood councils, academics, business groups, and your neighbors in supporting Charter Amendment 1.  Vote YES for higher voter turnout.  Vote YES for better democracy.  Vote YES to save millions in taxpayer dollars.
Vote YES on Charter Amendment 1.

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