Zensah Compression Arm Sleeves

Product features:

Increased blood circulation – provides muscles with more of the oxygenated blood they need for recovery. Prevents the forearm muscles from becoming tight and therefore helping to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Pin-Point Compression – Direct support at the exact source of pain for elbow injuries such as elbow tendonitis

Provides protection from sun. The Zensah compression arm sleeves shield and protect arms from harmful sunrays with UPF 50+ protection. Moisture wicking technology wicks away perspiration keeping arms dry.

Stay Comfortable – Silver ions in the arm sleeves aid in thermal regulation, keeping golfer’s arms at the perfect temperature. Perfect for layering.

Zensah Compression Arm Sleeves provide golfers with optimal performance and comfort while on the course. Forearms are able to stay warm and loose, ensuring golfers play at their best. The arm sleeves are made in theUnited Statesof the highest quality fabric to ensure superior quality.

Over 12 colors and designs available in the arm sleeves!

Call them Toll-Free 877.614.5076  to find a store or go to:




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