B and B Belgravia

We are here to change the way you think about bed and breakfast.  B+B Belgravia and The Studios@82 are part of The B+B Collection Ltd. The B+B Collection was conceived after the success of the award-winning pilot project, B+B Belgravia, which opened in London in 2004. B+B Weymouth followed in July 2008 and The Studios@82 open in March 2010.

B and B Belgravia
B and B Belgravia

The B+B Collection was established in 2005 and is owned and operated by three shareholder partners: Penny Brown, Sue Bertram and Kate Green. There are currently two operational sites within the portfolio: B+B Belgravia & The Studios@82 and B+B Weymouth. More suitable sites are being sought.

The primary objective is to deliver a modern, well-designed product that “breaks the mould,” and provides an innovative and stylish alternative to the outdated bed and breakfasts and a viable and affordable option to the predictable 4* chain hotel. Design, service, quality and comfort are all part of the philosophy.  Belgravia resides in the London Borough of Westminster. The 400 acres of land was inherited by the Grosvenor family and was named Belgravia after Belgrave, a village on their family estate in Leicestershire, England.

It is hard to believe that up to the early 19th century, Belgravia was a piece of wasteland full of swamps, pastures for grazing sheep and orchards; it was a dangerous place where respectable people didn’t go! Today, it is one of London’s most exclusive residential districts with specialist boutique shops, up-market restaurants, gastro-pubs, delicatessens, continental cafés and art galleries.  Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7259 8570 – Address: 64-66 Ebury Street, Belgravia, London. SW1W 9QD

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