Back Up Documents

The plane ticket is suddenly not where it should be, a debit card gets eaten by a foreign ATM machine, or perhaps the traveler’s checks and passport are effortlessly lifted from your pocket and suddenly a standard business trip becomes a bureaucratic nightmare.

Back Up Documents
Back Up Documents

Replacing these items isn’t easy if you don’t have backup copies on hand: the account number of the missing debit card and a way to contact the issuing bank; a scan of the passport; and the serial numbers of the traveler’s checks. And sometimes travelers need quick access to documents they didn’t bring with them, such as insurance and medical records if an accident happens or proof of citizenship when the passport goes missing.

Travel professionals advise their clients to make copies of tickets, passports and other important personal information and then leave these documents with a trusted person back home. Now there’s another option:’s Online Safe Deposit Box. “Anyone who has lost important documentation while they’re traveling knows what a hassle it can be to replace it when you’re away from home,” said Eric Wolbrom, chief operating officer and co-founder of

“Our Online Safe Deposit boxes make the process much easier. And our military-grade encryption ensures that you can safely access your documents from any place with Internet access: the embassy, an Internet cafe, a library or a hotel.” The basic Online Safe Deposit Box is free, and consumers can also take advantage of KeepYouSafe’s secure file transfer service to send and receive documents that contain information too sensitive to trust to e-mail.

The personal information stored in an Online Safe Deposit Box is available to the box’s owners only, unless individual box owners choose to grant access to family members and trusted friends. Each box’s contents are protected by the same security technologies used by the U.S. military to secure top-secret data. (NewsUSA)

By Jean Strauber

Entertainment Writer

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