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Ask Government George


Dear Government George, what is the LAPD Chief of Police like?


Chief Beck is the people’s Chief. His focus is to have an open line of communication with the rank and file members of the Department as well as the diverse communities of the City. Chief Beck believes that this approach will help him gain a better understanding of the views and opinions of how the LAPD can better protect and serve all people.

His message is simple: “Cops count, community counts, character counts, do the right thing and you can be the difference.” The Chief’s goals and objectives by which he holds himself and the Department accountable are; Constitutional Policing; Crime Reduction; Prevention of Terrorist Incidents; Maintaining the Personnel Strength of the Department; and Employee Wellness.

A 32 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, Chief Beck has worked in numerous assignments and areas of the City. He is very approachable and easy to talk to. Walking into his office you will notice his display of motocross pictures, helmets and medals which he has won while competing in various state, national and international competitions.

Chief Beck will be the first to tell you his blood runs LAPD Blue. His father retired as an LAPD Deputy Chief, his sister was a LAPD detective and his wife was a narcotics canine handler for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Chief Beck is the proud father of three adult children, two of whom are LAPD Officers.

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