Smiley & Megan Blake

Megan Blake & Smiley The Dog Are Rescuing Pets Everywhere!

By Lorenzo Marchessi

Actress, animal advocate and promoter, Megan Blake is proud to be the traveling spokeswoman for her very own rescue dog Smiley. Along with all the animals in shelters around the country, she is helping stray pets find a real home. Recently she attended the Film Festival Flix in North Hollywood and had her film short, “I’m Super Smiley

Smiley & Megan Blake
Smiley & Megan Blake

Flash Mob”, was selected as one of the two film shorts to première at this North Hollywood event.

“You know those sad commercials about pet adoption on TV with those animals in cages and the sad eyes?” Megan explains, “ I thought those were all negative. Everyone told me they were too dark and sad. So me and Smiley made our own!“

What she did was turn a negative theme into a positive campaign to help pet adoption across the country. “Smiley, my own rescue dog, looked at me one day and smiled at me and told me that we need a really rockin’ song,” Megan says as she describes the beginnings of the project, “…and then and the “Smiley Flash Mop 4 Pets” campaign was born!”

Touring all over the USA and having her own ITunes podcast called ‘Pet Life Radio’, she took the time to video tape various animal adoption centers and put together a You Tube video that caught on. From there, this video short was adapted into a small film and entered into various film festivals.

Excited about her new film Megan tells about her experience, “We, Smiley and I, just did a movie called “Suzie” and it’s an animal advocacy film which was shot in North Carolina. It’s about a true life dog that was set on fire in 2010 and a new law was created called’ Suzie’s Law’, which was voted in to save animals their area.” Megan talks about the shoot, “The film is really good and I play the trainer of the dog Suzie and it is due out in November. It should be a really great film!”

About her traveling around the country with festivals and pet adoption advocacy centers, Megan excitedly tells, “I love working with all of them. Here at the Film Festival Flix especially because they show so many great films and Smiley gets great exposure and the word out.”

Personally Megan owns two dogs, two horses and a cat. Megan cheerfully explains, “And my Smiley does everything we can think of. He acts, tours, he’s a guide dog and gets the word out that everyone should adopt a pet!”

Why does she do all this? “I hope to encourage people to go out and adopt a pet. That’s my goal. I hope everyone does it. These animals need homes and your help, everybody’s help,” Megan compassionately exclaims.

You can check out Smiley and Megan’s website at and learn more about her, her podcast and how you can adopt a pet too!

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