‘A Civil War Story’ by Doug Graney is a stirring and highly emotive book that paints the true panorama of what is life before and after a war

From a creative and highly imaginative author Doug Graney comes a poignant, heart wrenching and dramatic tale that unravels the lives of two families and their tumultuous search for freedom, hope, peace and harmony in A Civil War Story. This book highlights their many struggles, sacrifices and dilemma and how they managed to survive the impetuous change that happened on their lives.

This book reveals the story of two families, one from New England and the other from Texas. On April 8, 1857, Sam Harrison, a ship builder in Boston, Massachusetts, purchases the ranch he always planned to own. He and his family move to Texas. Their Texas neighbors live on the Circle C Ranch, owned by Yancey Coates. The families become close friends. In June of 1857, Harrison’s son, Ben enters West Point. Over the next four years Ben falls in love with Yancey’s daughter, Kathy. They often speak of marriage. Emily, the daughter of Sam and Mary Harrison, falls in love with Yancey’s son Arney. They also plan to marry. On July 4, 1861 the Civil War begins. Ben, now a graduate of West Point, leads a Union cavalry company. Arney becomes a Confederate cavalry officer. The families’ friendship comes apart. The story personalizes actual Civil War battles, but the main plot shows what happens to the two families, before, during and after the war.

Through this novel, readers will learn about how many families suffered one hundred and fifty years ago because of the Civil War. The roles played by parents, and their children, including those in combat before, during and after the war will give readers the feeling of how a nation survived as one country.

Skillfully written, highly imaginative and equally compelling, A Civil War Story is a fast-paced and riveting narrative that will definitely entertain readers. It is a kind of book that one cannot put down. With its cogent twists and stirring plot, this volume is a masterpiece like no other.

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About the Author

Douglas Graney has had varied and dramatic life experiences affording him numerous ideas to write stories readers of all genres will find entertaining and rewarding. He has been a combat infantryman, mountain climber, world sailor, and successful businessman. His passion is writing. He has published a book of short stories and three novels, and a Korean War memoir. He is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, and participates with an active writers group. While his novels are meant to entertain, they are based on research of actual history and current events. He resides in Houston, Texas and writes fulltime.

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