Whistler, Canada

As the snow line starts to creep down the mountains it is time to start really getting ready for the winter season.

Winter Tires

#1 — Put The Winter Tires On- When the snow comes piling down you want to make sure that you are able to get to the lifts. Don’t wait for the first snow fall, beat the rush, and get your winter tires put on early because before you know it, the snow will be here.
#2 — Hit Up The Gym- The first day on the mountain is always exciting and you will want to make the most of it. Make sure you are in good shape by hitting up the gym and working on your core strength. A little exercise to get your legs back can go a long way when it comes to being in shape to ski. You don’t want to be that person that can’t walk for days after or the one that gets left behind as others do laps around you so head to the gym and start using those muscles you have forgotten about since your last day of spring riding.

#3 — Check Your Gear- Head to the closet and check out your gear. Try everything on and make sure it still fits (maybe do that after you have gone to the gym for a bit). Maybe you are missing a glove or your goggles are scratched. It’s better to find out now then the morning of your first ride. If you missed out on the Turkey Sale there is always the Whistler Clearance Centre, Whistler Buy and Sell or your buddies hand me downs.
#4 — Gather Your Friends- Figure out who is going to be your riding buddy this year. Remember the old saying, There Are No Friends On a Powder Day, so make sure you chose your friends wisely cause sooner or later it is going to dump and you don’t want to make them cry.  You should try and plan a ski trip to somewhere else as well, that way you can see what BC has to offer and will also realize why WB is hard to beat.

No Friends on a Ski Day
#5 — Book Early For The Best Deals- If you know where you want to go start planning! The 2015/16 winter season is upon us and there are some amazing Early Booking Offers. If you make your reservation before November 15th you can save up to 40%, let’s be honest, every little bit helps right?!?!  If you have any questions give our reservations a call, they can help you out with pretty much everything, well almost everything.  Call 1.800.667.3363 or email info@crystal-lodge.com……..Happy Shredding

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