By Kathy Moghimi-Patterson

It is a warm Sunday afternoon. I do not see anyone around, except the singing birds in the sky and the swimming ducks on the lake. The birds are staring at a box that says “Birds’ Food” as if they know how to read. The birds are all waiting for a little kid to beg his parents to buy them some food…. They are all waiting for a little kid to approach the lake and feed them…but no kid is coming…. The luscious grass and beautiful trees make it impossible to leave. “Stay with us!” they say. “This is a good place to hide and reflect. This is a good place to kiss someone you love. This is a good place to hold hands and forget about the wild world.

This is a good place to meditate and be with your God.” Two old buildings stand strong in the middle of the park. They have been through a lot. They have survived the Indians, Cowboys, Old West, Earthquakes and numerous other Acts of God. Here they are strongly waiting for another blow….. And here I am thinking how we can save this park from this big blow. Los Encinos State Historic Park is the name of where I stand with the birds, little lake, luscious grass, beautiful trees and two old big buildings. All crying for help…. Pretty soon, the park will be closed… Pretty soon, the weeds will suffocate the grass and the trees die without water.

Pretty soon, the birds will leave because no kid is coming… The grass, trees, birds and people come and go but I wonder how the remains of the two big buildings will look back at us…. For more than 150 years, this park has kept our history alive and educated our children about our past. It is time to ask ourselves: What have we done for this park? It is a shame to see that the state budget deficit can close down our parks but how can we witness this loss and do nothing about it? As a member of the community of the San Fernando Valley, specifically Encino, I ask for your help. It is indeed a shame to let this park go….It is a shame to see no kid will be coming back… Please visit for making donations!

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