Remote and Exclusive Offerings in Denali National Park

DENALI, ALASKA — Summer’s midnight sun in Alaska provides indulgent days of epic adventure. Perched on a nunatak 6,000 ft above the Don Sheldon Amphitheater on Denali National Park’s Ruth Glacier, the Sheldon Chalet is only accessible by helicopter from Anchorage or Talkeetna. Situated just ten miles from the summit of Denali, five acres of scenic private property at this luxury chalet offers exclusive access to views of some of the most dramatic vistas in the Alaska Range and bucket list Alaskan experiences. The vibrant sun emanates warmth on the nunatak, melting the snowy peaks into spectacular avalanches which cascade down safely miles away.

Chalet1As remote is the new luxury, the vision of Alaskan pioneers, Don and Roberta Sheldon, Sheldon Chalet is a platform for the experience of a lifetime on the flanks of North America’s highest mountain. Adventuring in place on the observation deck allows guests to enjoy the sound of silence, the beauty of nature and the unparalleled views surrounding them. After a day of Alaskan glacier adventures including crevasse exploration, glacier trekking or sledding guests can return to Sheldon Chalet for a sauna, gourmet seafood dinner and wine pairing and a luxurious night’s sleep.

For the 2021 season, Sheldon Chalet’s curated activities for guests include:

– Blue glacier pool trek with gourmet picnic

– Snow cavern spelunking

– Avalanche Observation

– Rock Climbing

– Rappelling

– Shooting star and meteor shower gazing

– Epic sledding runs

– Ice Climbing

– Gourmet glacier picnics

– Glacier trekking via snowshoes or skis

– Crevasse exploration

– Heli or fixed wing geography touring

Chalet2Starting at $35,500 per couple for a 3-night minimum, guests can relax, socially distance and experience Denali grandeur at this eco-conscious chalet in a way that’s never been seen before. This ultimate experience includes gear, two adventure guides, a concierge, a chef preparing gourmet meals with premium wine pairings, guided glacier adventures, the helicopter transport to and from the Chalet. At Sheldon Chalet, guests can choose to go on unique flightseeing tours, go on a back-country skiing adventure and enjoy incredible snowshoe treks with prime views of the summit of Denali just ten miles away. For more information about Sheldon Chalet please visit More details on the full Sheldon Chalet experience. Full details on this new Exclusive Buyout Offer.

About Sheldon Chalet: Sheldon Chalet is perched on a nunatak 6,000 ft above the Don Sheldon Amphitheater, ten miles from the summit of Denali National Park in Alaska featuring unique panoramas of the Alaska Range from every angle. Located on five private acres, Sheldon Chalet sleeps up to ten guests in five bedrooms. The vision of Alaskan pioneers, Don and Roberta Sheldon, Sheldon Chalet is a platform for the adventure of a lifetime and offers guests guides, gear, a chef and a concierge to experience this exclusive destination on the flanks of North America’s highest mountain. Robert Sheldon, his wife Marne and sister Kate have made the Sheldon family dream become a reality. Serving delicious Alaskan fare, Sheldon Chalet provides a crown-jewel Alaskan experience with activities including crevasse exploration, guided glacier trekking, back-country skiing and aurora borealis viewing. Each guest is certain to “Experience Grand” at Sheldon Chalet.

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