Ultimate Burger Hawaii

Most restaurants try to be all things to all people, big menus, spend lots of time being distracted trying to figure out how to bring customers into their restaurant and completely take their eye of the absolute most important thing . . . THE FOOD!!

Ultimate Burger Hawaii
Ultimate Burger Hawaii

At Ultimate Burger we purposely keep our menu very simple, and spend all day, every day refining and perfecting how we can improve on our Ultimate Burgers and Fries, period!! It seems so simple from the outside , it’s just a burger and fries, right ? That’s what we thought as well, it can’t be that difficult. Well it’s not, if you are looking for average, but to create the Ultimate Burger and Ultimate Fries and prepare them fast, it requires unwavering discipline and quality control to accomplish this consistently. Bottom line, if the food doesn’t taste great, people will not come back.

A famous French chef once said, “If you start with @%$!, you end with @%$!.” Many restaurants make the claim they use fresh ingredients or the best quality, but at Ultimate Burger we actually do. Our executive chef goes through great lengths to source only the very best and freshest ingredients to ensure we open each day with only the highest quality product. We support local farms and ranchers who actually care about the food they produce and stand for the highest of quality and integrity.

You are in for quite a treat! Our Executive Chef, Windy Gerardi, created a simple menu that is made from scratch daily using the finestBigIslandingredients. Buying our hamburger ingredients from Kailua Kona, HI farmers and ranchers FRESH is not only better tasting and better for you, but better for our planet. We use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Our simple menu allows us to solely focus on truly creating the Ultimate Burgers and Ultimate Fries day in and day out. “The best burger and french fries I’ve every had” is a common phrase we hear from our customers. “Our beef is 100% Grass Fed, free range, fresh ground; charbroiled beef raised right here on the Big Island of Hawaii – antibiotic and hormone free.

Our Ultimate Fries are to die for!! . . . Using fresh cut potatoes every morning, our fries are prepared like the French intended. Our French Fry methodology you will only find in the fanciest of restaurants around the world. Hamburgers are our passion… We look forward to seeing you soon, Aloha!” (Check out www.ultimateburger.net for more information or call (808) 329-2326.)

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