Pope Francis

AGOURA HILLS, CA – George Christopher Thomas, President of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council & Publisher of the Van Nuys News Press, has called on the Pope to stop releasing peace doves from the Vatican.
“These poor birds are being ripped apart in midair by seagulls and crows.  They do not deserve this fate; they are supposed to be peace doves, not doves of carnage and death.  I do not miss the point and gesture of releasing the doves, it goes back to Noah’s Ark, but there should be some kind of resolution and regulation to this making it better for the doves, and for practicing Catholics all around the world,” said Thomas.

Reporting from the Vatican, Chris Wolveton had this to file with the home office in Van Nuys, CA… “Children released two peace doves from the Vatican window last Sunday, only to watch in horror as a seagull and crow attacked the birds moments later. Videos of the attack flooded the media, disturbing the world and suggesting violence, hopelessness, war, despair and anything but peace.
“Domesticated doves are easy targets for other birds due to their white color and inability to recognize predators and flee. The Pope’s intentions in releasing the doves were innocent, but after witnessing the gruesome aftermath he needs to end the practice.”
“There are other traditional peace symbols the Pope could use to send a dramatic message without harming any creatures. For example, he could have children make paper cranes or plant white poppy flowers,” said Chris Wolverton.
(If you wish to write to the Pope, you may do so at the following address: His Holiness, Pope Francis  — Apostolic Palace — 00120 Vatican City)

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