Full Cast for The Zone Rangers

“ ‘P.L.A.Y Noir’ Is Four Magnificent Stylized Shorts Worth Watching!”

Written By Lorenzo Marchessi
The Actor’s Workout Studios in North Hollywood has the real privilege of showing Punk Monkey’s production of four short plays with more style and panache then most of the shows out there. You will be in for a night that will be sprinkled with lots of humor and real stories delivered with passion. Cleverly woven together with real audio commercials of the early radio days which in today’s modern world seem quite hysterical.

Art Oden-Andrew Hill INSET Sarah Kelly-Adam Hunter Howard
Art Oden-Andrew Hill INSET Sarah Kelly-Adam Hunter Howard

Story One: “Speak No Evil” was written by Michael W. Moon and directed by Christopher Flowers is the story of a mute who witnesses a murder and ends up the better for it. Andrew J. Hilllis does an amazing job playing a mute, Harold Newcomb, and emotionally communicates everything he needs to with his extremely compassionate eyes and yet without saying any words. Adam Hunter Howard sincerely plays the private ‘Dick’, Dash Morgan, who realizes and actually contributes to the well-being of Harold. The two together have an amazing chemistry together. Now throw in the dispassionate mobster Frank Banning played quite convincingly harsh is Art Oden and his other witness/”Girl-Friday” Kitten Malone played accurately by Sarah Kelly. You really feel like you are watching an old black and white film. Joey numbers is the victim this story is all about and quite realistically played by Michael C. Silva while arresting Detective Mathews does his convincing arresting played by James Elden.

Story Two: “Desperate Desires” was written by David Galanter and directed by James Elden is the story of a detective Cary Bogart played sharply by Jim Shepley who narrates his adventure with a wicked Femme Fatal named Virginia Hammers. Virginia is played by Anna Laura Singleton who can wield her gun as accurately as she wields her threats. Jim humorously narrates and comments on all his actions and motivations as if you were watching an old Film Noir detective film of its time where narration is part of its plot. Anna seems to command her performance with power, wit and control of her destiny as they both play it with a slight tounge’n’cheek spirit.

Story Three: “Outside Job” was written by Hope Thompson and directed by Sarah Kelly and is the dramatically funny story of four people trying to explain, deal with and eventually cover up, a murder and it’s not so clear motive. Michael D. Silva plays Leyland and nervously energetic husband with a serious hidden issue with his wife Isabelle played timidly sharp by Elisa Dyann, who he has no idea exactly what it is. Their friends Bob, played by Christopher Flowers and his wife Carol played by Rebecca Herrick have their own problems and together the four them are dealing with a recent murder done right in the mansion they were

Anna Laura Singlton INSET Jim Shipley
Anna Laura Singlton INSET Jim ShipleyFull Cast for The Zone Rangers

guests in the night before. Watching the arguments of Michael and Christopher along with the coyness of Rebecca and the manic nature of Elisa is quite a fun dynamic to watch on stage. It ends in an unexpected way that will leave you with a shock that is more funny than scary.

Story Four: “The Zone Rangers” was written by Ben Goldstein & Mac Taylor and directed by James Elden as weaves a web of mystery, drama and murder. All the cast is back from the previous three performances however here James Elden himself plays Kurt Curtis who literally narrates to all the barfly’s attending the local time-honored watering hole and explains his one special adventure. Highlighted here are the hysterical antics of Michael C. Silva as the Mayor. He does amazing things in a shirt, a tie and his underpants! Also Adam Hunter Howard is back playing the deadpan Walter Crimelord, who pretty much does what his name says. Sarah Kelly pops out again as Marla who is sassy and smart and often has sharp wit about her. It has a memorable death scene too – something I’m sure you’ll remember!

You are in for a fun evening of nostalgia, drama, comedy all delivered with immense passion, because “PL.A.Y Noir” is wonderful series of short plays that will entertain you very much. Check them out at http://www.actorsworkout.com/show.php?id=np1  !

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