The Putting Solution

The Putting Solution was developed as an aid to help teach all golfers the proper mechanics and feel in the uncompensated putting stroke. It is based on geometric principal and the physics of motion involved in putting. It is, itself, geometrically correct in all aspects and what it does can be proven mathematically. But the simple truth is that most golfers don’t care about the math, or the geometry involved in a putting stroke. They just want to putt better.

The Putting Solution
The Putting Solution

So, if you want to putt better too, try the Putting Solution. It will improve your game and here’s why. It maintains the proper plane angle of the putter during the stroke. It also enforces the motion of the proper plane line in a pure, uncompensated putting stroke by training the hands and arms using the “muscle memory” of the correct putting motion. It’s easy to use, gives us instant feedback on the proper stroke and is guaranteed to take strokes off your game. The reason that most golfers aren’t good putters is that they treat a putting stroke as if it were a golf swing. Now, I know you are thinking that a putt is a golf swing but they are really two separate “types” of swings and can’t be treated alike. We always swing a golf club or a putter in a circle. This circle is on an angled plane. In a golf swing, if you draw a straight line from your left shoulder, down the straight left arm and shaft of the club toward the ground, you will find the bottom or the low point of this circle. So, the center of the circle in a golf swing is the left shoulder.

The left arm and the club revolve around this center point or the center of the radius of the circle. A putt is different, if you are using a shoulder stroke. Most golfers today use a “shoulder stroke” as opposed to an “arm stroke”. The arm stroke is a more outdated stroke used by golfers of an earlier era. If you are using a shoulder stroke, the center of the radius of the circle changes from the left shoulder to a point somewhere under the chin, depending on the angle of your putter. Think about someone using a long putter. Where is the top of it anchored during the stroke? It’s positioned at the center of the radius of the stroke or under the chin. It’s the same thing with a standard length putter. We are putting on a different circle than we are swinging on. You can’t mix the two or you will have to compensate something in the stroke to get the putter face on the ball.

So what changes on the “putting circle”? Well, it’s all about your ball position. It has to be placed at the bottom of the circle, which has now moved from just off your left heel, (in the full stroke), to a point somewhere slightly left of your chin or just slightly left of the center of your stance, if you are square. So why is ball position so vitally important in the putting stroke? It’s because of what the head of the putter does during the stroke. It makes what’s known as a horizontal hinge action. In other words, it opens going back and closes moving forward. It moves, following the circle, backward, upward and inward during the backstroke and downward, outward and forward during the down stroke. So, if the ball is in the wrong position, the face of the putter will not be square at impact. It will either be open or closed or a compensation will occur to account for the incorrect position of the ball. Now, let’s examine the “angled plane”. There are three basic planes. Picture a house and they are easy to envision.

The walls are on a vertical plane, the floors are on a horizontal plane and the roof pitch is the angled plane. We play golf on this angled plane. When we properly sole the putter, (put it flat on the ground), the shaft can only occupy one plane angle. Different putters have different angles. No matter what angle your particular putter occupies, it must be maintained during the putting stroke. The top bar of the Putting Solution is designed to accommodate any of these putter angles because of its patented adjustability. The Putting Solution also reinforces the proper plane line. The plane line is the same thing as the target line. During the stroke, the shaft of the putter always ‘points’ at the plane line. As the head is doing it’s thing; opening and closing, moving back, up and in and down, out and forward, the shaft moves straight back and straight through.

This is the true beauty of the Putting Solution. It takes the emphasis of the putting motion off of the complicated actions of the head of the putter and places it on the shaft. It simply moves straight back and straight through. The Putting Solution will train your muscles to create this uncompensated motion of the putting stroke by teaching you to trace the plane line and maintain the proper plane angle created by the shaft of your putter. As long as the ball is in the proper position, it is geometrically impossible to hit an off line putt using this method. Now, we certainly can’t hit every putt we stand over perfectly every time but if we train with the Putting Solution and understand what is does, then you will get better by getting more consistent, more comfortable over a putt and more confidant in the stroke. Better putting yields better golf. If you want to be a better golfer, get a Putting Solution and use it. Don’t worry about the geometry or the physics or any of the technical parts of the putting stroke. The Putting Solution does all of that for you. Just get one and practice. I guarantee you will improve your game. (Pictured Above: Professional Golfer George C. Thomas practices with “The Putting Solution” after a round at Malibu Golf Club. Check out

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