NAPA, CA – Located right along the river in downtown Napa, this property has a deep and historic past.  Today you will find modern day touches that are the mark of the Napa River Inn, but these walls have a story to tell about the founding of Napa and the history of California’s most famous wine region.

NapaRiverInn2Locally owned and operated since the beginning, the roots of the Inn within the Historic Napa Mill, were planted in 1884 by Captain Albert Hatt, garnering the property a Historic Hotel of America designation.

Captain Hatt ran a shipping and merchant business along the riverfront using the mill as a warehouse for stocking supplies and wines for local vineyards. In the 1990s the Napa River Inn was erected inside the Historic Napa Mill, with an eye on conjuring elements of the past and present, with interior design inspiration coming from the renowned Sandra Blake.

Today, this upscale property is often credited as a key player in the revitalization of Downtown Napa.  The Napa River Inn is dedicated to preserving the inherent charms of downtown Napa, and the Inn has all the feel of the olden days while simultaneously possessing all the amenities to serve a modern day world.

NapaRiverInnAnd there could not be a more ideal location.  Over 20 wine tasting rooms are within walking distance of the hotel, as well as numerous options for casual or fancy dining.  The world famous Oxbow Market is just a quick jaunt to the other side of the river, and if you can’t find something to eat there, well then you might need to seek professional help.

But there is a chance you might not ever want to leave the Napa River Inn.  Spa services are available on site, and there is a plethora of dining options just steps outside the lobby.  Not to mention the complementary fresh pastries delivered to your door every morning.  Does it get any better than this?  For more information please visit


2 thoughts on “The Historic Napa River Inn Is The “Property Of The Week””
  1. Just want to add that there is a lot in walking distance so even though we drank wine nonstop there was no driving needed even for a very old very fat man like me. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  2. My husband and I stayed there and it was so beautiful. I drank way too much wine but what’s new. Thanks for highlighting this magical place.

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